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"Numerical Image Processing and Application" seminer will by organized by NETFORM Engineering on 22nd of December 2014 between 13:00-15:00 at Celal Bayar University, Engineering Faculty. Invited speaker Mr. Devrim Onder will give information about image processing applications in manufacturing, quality control, material science, as well as cons...

NETFORM Engineering Machinery Metal was awarded the second place in the "Izmir Innovation Prizes 2013", which is organized by "Izmir Young Businessman Association (IGID)" and supported by "Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology" and "SME Development Association (KOSGEB)", for the project "Machine Vision Integrated Adjustable Metal Forming Too...

Agile Software Development Training

• The Agile Manifesto
• Agile Principles
• Extreme Programming (XP) Overview
• Agile Planning
• Testing
• Agile Software Design 
• Objec...

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