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Scratchs on a metal surface

Detection of scratchs on a metal surface

Measurements of a thread characteristics

Thread depth, thread major&minor radius measurements

Thread angle measurements

Defect control results for a rim of a wheel

Defect analysis for a metal sheet

Defect analysis results for a metal sheet

NETFORM Vision Digital Image Processing Software Development

NETFORM Vision, performs in-house analysis, design and development of image processing algorithms and software. NETFORM Vision delivered internally developed software routines as the package of NETFORM Vision Digital Image Processing Software Library. NETFORM Vision Digital Image Processing Software Library has easily modifiable and expandable structure. Because of this, library functions can be modified with changing customer requirements and new functions can easily be added to the library against new customer requirements.

Basic features of NETFORM Vision Digital Image Processing Software Library are listed below:

Measurement Capabilities:

  • Width and height measurement in various samples,
  • Diameter measurement of circular samples,
  • Thread depth, minor and major thread diameter, thread pitch measurements in toothed samples,
  • Angular measurements in various samples.
  • Quality Assurance Capabilities:

  • Automated detection of faults (scratch, tear, hole etc.) on samples,
  • Color analysis of samples.
  • Capabilities Intended To Production Lines:

  • Detection of missing and faulty parts,
  • Color classification of samples,
  • Control of letters and special marks on the samples.
  • NETFORM Vision, has the capability of fulfilling the requirements related with measurement and control of your special products. Please contact us for your special application requirements.

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